Facebook Is planning Its First Smartwatch

Facebook is looking to edge its way into the hardware tech space with reports that the social media giant is looking to introduce its first smartwatch next summer. Granted, Facebook has not confirmed this yet, it isn’t too far-fetched as the company has always been interested in becoming more competitive in the tech space.

The reports indicate that the watch will feature a display with two cameras that can be detached from the wrist for pictures and videos for sharing across apps that the company owns, such as Instagram. The front camera will primarily be for video calling, and a 1080p camera on the back is utilized for capturing photos when not connected to the watch. The company also encourages third-party accessory companies to create hubs for the removable camera for backpacks, making the watch more multi-dimensional than any other watch currently on the market.

The Facebook watch will run on a customized Android version, have a heart monitor, and support LTE. Additionally, the watch will come in black, gold, and white. Facebook is looking to sell a small number of watches, indicating that the company plans to sell in the low six figures. The watch will be priced at $400, according to reports.

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