Apple Lossless Audio Makes its way to Apple Music

Following Apple’s WWDC keynote, they released the latest update for Apple Music found in iOS 14.6. In this update, Apple Music subscribers will begin to see their favorite album with the labels “Lossless” or Dolby Atmos. As long you have the proper software and devices, you will be able to experience music differently.

What is Lossless audio?

Lossless audio for Apple Music is simply music files that keep music close to its recorded intentions. Apple Music provides subscribers with two types of Lossless files. First, there is Lossless audio, and then there is Hi-res Lossless audio; Lossless audio is akin to that of CD quality with a file size up to 24-bit /48kHz, and Hi-res Lossless file takes that up a notch with a file size up to 24-bit/192kHz.

However, there is a caveat to lossless files; your Bluetooth headphones are not compatible with them. You will experience Dolby Atmos, but as for Lossless music, a wired connection is required. Additionally, for Hi-res Lossless audio, an external digital-to-analog converter is required. Furthermore, you can listen to lossless music on your iPhone on iPad via the speakers, but not Hi-res; the same goes for Macs with macOS 11.4 and Apple TV 4K with tvOS 14.6.

Bluetooth does not support lossless audio because of the file size. You may have the latest and greatest headphones, but Bluetooth cannot process lossless audio because of the audio’s file size.

How to listen to Apple Music lossless on iPhone and iPad

Make sure you are running the latest update for your iPhone and iPad. Then open the Settings app and select Music. Then select Audio Quality, and then toggle Lossless Audio on. This will allow you to choose how between the type of audio files you want to listen to.

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