Everything to know about iOS 15

Today Apple announced a plethora of changes that are coming to its mobile platform: iOS15. From Facetime, Messages, Photos, Maps, and even notifications, Apple is gearing up to deliver one of their most ambitious update for iOS ever.


Apple’s video chat app is getting some major in-app features. Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi presented the new features of FaceTime to showcase the company wanting to make sure that the next update for the app feels more natural and comfortable for usage.


FaceTime is all about connecting with contacts via video; Today, Apple announced the ability to use Portrait Mode, Grid View, spatial audio, and voice isolation. The goal is to make conversations more immersive.

Furthermore, with SharePlay, users will be able to share their screens during FaceTime calls. In addition, SharePlay extends to watching video content or event streaming music.

IOS 15 is taking a page out of Zoom’s book with a new feature called FaceTime Links. With FaceTime Links, users will be able to schedule calls with multiple individuals. To everyone’s surprise, this is not limited to just Apple devices, but Apple has extended FaceTime Links to Android and Windows devices.


Messages is getting a new unique feature called Shared with You that takes links, images, and other content shared by users. The content that is shared will show up in the corresponding app. For instance, if someone shared a news article, it will show up in the News app under the new Shared with You section. Users can even reply to messages directly from the app.

When multiple images are sent to users, they will appear as a collage or stack of images that you can swipe through.


Apple wants users to be in the moment and help them prioritize time and attention. With Focus, users can select the type of notifications that come through based on their current activity. Users can select what they want to focus on from a suggested list or create their own. Furthermore, with Focus, it will notify people who try to contact you that you are in Focus mode.



Notifications are getting a new look, with contact photos and larger app icons for better identification. Additionally, notifications will deliver a daily summary based on a schedule set by the user. This summary prioritization is set “intelligently” by the device.


Maps is getting all new features and quality of life changes that will make the experience so much better. Maps is getting more a detailed with elevation, rode colors, labels, and a nighttime mode. Additionally, it will feature turn lanes, medians, bus lanes, taxi lanes, and bike lanes. Apple is also focusing on 3D spaces, so you will get a 3D image of the landmark when visiting landmarks.

Maps will also take advantage of augmented reality with immersive walking instructions. By utilizing the camera, users will get step-by-step directions via AR.

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