Amazon Luna is the new cloud gaming competitor

Amazon Luna is the next cloud gaming platform that will compete against Microsoft xCloud and Google Stadia. The service which was previously Codenamed “Tempo”, will go live in early access this October. Sign-ups are for an invite to early access is available now (Currently in the US only). Luna will support a wide range of devices; Fire TV, PC, Mac, and iOS devices (through web apps) during the early access, with Android support coming in weeks later.


The service will have an “introductory price” of $5.99 a month during its early access period. This price will give users the ability to play Luna Plus channel games on two devices at the same time. Luna is aiming to offer subscribers 4K/60fps for certain titles, but at launch 1080p 60fps will be the target.

Amazon is looking to have at least 100 games on the service by the end of the early Access phase, this service will, of course, be powered by Amazon AWS, their web platform. Launch Titles include; Resident Evil, Control, Metro Exodus, and Tacoma, to name a few.

Luna takes a different approach to allow access to certain games, as they introduce “game channels”. Channels will be optional add-ons. Ubisoft will be the first among game publishers to have their own gaming channel on Luna. Its channel will feature about 50 games, with same-day releases being apart of that channel. So expect to see Watch Dogs Legion and Assasin’s Creed: Valhalla launching in the gaming channel.

Amazon will also launch their Alexa-enable Luna controller which will be $50 during early access. This controller takes the same approach that Google Stadia controller does, by the gamepad connecting directly to the cloud to reduce latency. Bluetooth controllers and mouse & keyboard are able to be used with Luna as well.


The controller has a similar layout design to that of the Xbox One controller, with an Alexa button. This Alexa button allows users to boot up specific games with voice commands.

Amazon recommends internet speeds of 10Mbps for 1080p gaming.

There will also be Twitch integration in Luna. Subscribers of Luna will be able to see game pages that showcase streamers playing that specific games and clicking on one will start up Twitch. On Twitch, if a streamer is playing a game via the Luna Library, viewers will be able to click a link an start playing it via Luna also, as long as they are a Luna subscriber.

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