How to choose a soundbar

Soundbars are convenient audio solutions that are used to replace and enhance the sound quality found in TV speakers. The compact form factor of soundbars allows you to place them under or in front of your tv. In this guide I’m going guide you into choosing the right soundbar configuration for you.


Why a soundbar?

TVs are getting thinner, which means speakers are getting smaller as a result. Even your high-end TV’s are focusing more on the screen than the sound quality except for a few. If you’re looking to create a better sound experience for you and your guest and do not want to spend the money on going with a full home theater system, then a soundbar is right for you.

Soundbar configuration

There’s a soundbar that is right for you, whether you watch movies, listen to the news, or just play music, picking the right one is essential. Soundbars are not as complicated as buying a full home theater system, but they do have some technical terms that are important when purchasing them.

Soundbars have what’s called channels or speakers built into them. These channels are denoted by a number, for instance, 2.1 describes a soundbar that has two channels. There is a right and left channel in a 2.1 soundbar, and the 1 lets you know if this soundbar includes a subwoofer for bass. A soundbar with two channels is excellent for enhancing sound in a small living room or bedroom and a significant improvement over the TV’s built-in speakers.

If you’re a mid-sized living room or a lover of dramas or even action movies, then a soundbar with at least three channels is recommended. Three-channel soundbars give you a right, center, and left channel. The center channel helps with hearing dialogue, so if you are watching a high action film and a character is talking, that center channel will enhance the dialogue going on even if there is a lot of other things happening in the scene.

Furthermore, going with a soundbar that has a subwoofer in a mid-sized room is recommended. A subwoofer helps create that high octane feel of a film that gives you a great experience through bass.

Soundbars that have five or more channels mimicks that of a home theater system. If you are looking to experience that home theater like experience, then a 5-channel or more soundbar is perfect for you. Some of these soundbars are also expansive to attaching extra speakers to place throughout the room.

If there is a third number on the soundbar, for instance, 7.1.2, then that means that there are upward-firing speakers. The upward-firing speakers send sound up to the ceiling that bounces to where you are sitting. These soundbars are great for bigger rooms and create the ultimate home theater experience without having speakers in different parts of the room.

Finding the right soundbar is essential, so understanding which configuration works out best for you is the key. Soundbars being compact helps make finding the right one a lot easier than a full home theater system.

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