Grounded (Game Preview) thoughts

I’ve been playing games for most of my life, it is pretty much my most consumed entertainment, surpassing tv and movies. Halo comes to mind when I think about the first game that made me truly invested in gaming. For years, I haven’t felt that way about a game until Obsidian released Grounded!

Grounded tackles the survival open-world genre and capitalizes on some unique elements. The coolest thing about Grounded is the simple fact that I’m in a backyard shrunken down to the size of an ant as I try to figure out how to survive a world I’ve always wondered about.

When first dropped into the world, I was faced with a worker ant, but to my surprise, I wasn’t attacked, but worker ants in this world have their eyes on something different. If you’ve played 7 Days to Die, then this game has a similar concept, survive! However, Grounded has a story that will be told through objectives and secrets as you traverse through the small, but huge from your perspective backyard.

Spiders are the most feared foe so far. They’re usually found on the outskirts of the backyard, but that’s where a lot of the objectives coincide.

The crafting aspects in Grounded are unusual, the combat is sometimes clunky, but the entire world makes me forget about that. One instance was when my friend and I were starting to build our base, and a Spider came out of nowhere and attacked us, but there is more. Followed by that spider were at least ten worker ants that began to steal from our stockpile. We never expected that to happen, so we moved our base to a different area to avoid that happening again.

Every day on Grounded so far has been something new, and that’s what I love about the game. Since it is in Xbox Game Preview, more gameplay and story elements will be added to the experience, which is amazing. The idea of being able to submit plans to the developers about a game that I see myself playing for years is amazing. I definitely would recommend Grounded to everyone to try out, so far it has been a fantastic experience.

Grounded is available on Xbox via Xbox Gamepass or Xbox Game Preview for $29.99 and it is available on PC via Xbox Gamepass for PC or Steam for $29.99.

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