In Plain Sight – Tech of Course First Look

Created by a small team that works remotely, In Plain Sight is highlighted as a story-driven game developed by Fireyside.

The narrative-drive adventure filled with simple riddles and interactive gameplay takes inspiration from old black, and white films look to capture the attention of gamers through exciting art direction. I caught up with Creative Director Jazzy Trafficano and Martin Beck for the first look at their journey with creating In Plain Sight.

FireYside studio was created because of the interest of being able to tell a story through interaction.

“We are hoping to establish it as an anthology,” explained Martin. In Plain Sight is not just one game; it is a universe that the team is trying to create. Expect more games within the series to follow-up behind the first story.

In this game, you control Mackenzie Carter, who needs to find out what happened to her mother. Jazzy has a YouTube channel that inspires the story behind In Plain Sight. “Sometimes, you just want to create your own story, so that is what I wanted to do and came up with this,” said Jazzy.

The art direction is fundamental in this game; according to Jazzy, the protagonist Mackenzie that you play as is color blind. The art direction helps establish the mysterious storytelling elements that the team was going for, “We drew heavily from early movies,” explained Martin.

“We are working with a lot of artists that feel more comfortable working from home,” explained Jazzy as the team is not affected by the pandemic. FireYside have people from different countries and stay in constant communication with each other to ensure that game development is running smoothly.

There is no definitive date for the release of In Plain Sight, but it is expected Summer 2020 primarily on Steam. No talks of the game coming to console yet.

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