Opinion: Maybe we Can Go Without E3

Growing up, E3 really sparked my interest in journalism and gaming a lot. E3 showed a side of gaming that kept the hype meter at its peak, but lately, hearing about E3 is not as exciting. And no, I am not a Playstation Fanboy, but E3 without Sony being there, and without Nintendo actually having an actual showing there, makes it seem very lackluster. I enjoy Xbox, and it is my primary console, but there is something so special having all three companies on stage presenting there best hardware and games for the upcoming few years.

We have new consoles coming out this year, and both companies are revealing their consoles before E3, so what is really there to look forward to. We have so many avenues to gain access to information on gaming, which is precisely the purpose of E3 this year. There was a point in time in which E3 was the go-to gaming show, but now it seems as if watching the shows from home and tracking the news via social media is the way to go.

Social media has indeed made getting news very easy. E3 has become a who has the brightest lights, biggest stage, and best “in-game” trailers. Well, with the way things are in terms of social media, Sony and Microsoft can hold their own conferences themselves and show us these throughout the year. Taking a similar approach to what Apple does with their hardware lineup. Apple’s WWDC garners a lot of views and hype around all the company’s product releases. Sony already has their own shows throughout the year called “The State of Play,” that can really increase the hype of the Playstation 5 even more. Just them revealing the Playstation 5 logo garnered a lot of social media attention, even surpassing the Xbox Series X console reveal.

I would love to go to a Playstation or Xbox show multiple times throughout the year. Live broadcast it on all major platforms like Twitch, Twitter, Youtube, and more. Having a consistent show to reveal new games, hardware, and more throughout the year is more interesting than waiting a year to see some new content. When the material is ready, reveal it. In the age of fast media, there is ultimately no reason to wait to reveal content when it is more accessible now to the hype through social media and consistent marketing.

If E3 can go back to what it used to be and I doubt that will ever be a thing, then maybe it will get interesting again. As of now, please show us the consoles and the games when it is time. E3 use to be the place for gamers and games now it is about who has the brightest lights and biggest stage. Oh and please do not forget Keanu Reeves!

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