Cutting the Cable: A Streaming Guide

Cable services prices are sky-rocketing, and streaming services are on the rise to take the place of being the ultimate way to view entertainment content. With streaming services, consumers can be almost anywhere and get the content that they want. There are so many devices out now that would allow people to access their desired content.

With so many ways to access this content, what are the multiple ways to access this content while saving money?


There are multiple devices on the market to access your favorite content. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire Stick is one, if not the most popular stand-alone streaming device on the market. The Fire Stick gives users access to the majority of the content on the market. The Fire Stick comes in a 4K configuration as well as a Full-HD (1080p) configuration. The Fire Stick includes Amazon Alexa, which gives users the ability to control their tv with their voice and other smart home devices.

Roku Streaming Stick

The Roku Streaming Stick, just like the Fire Stick, allows users to stream free TV, live news, sports, music, and more. It includes a voice remote to control tv functions. The Roku Streaming stick comes in a 4K configuration as well as a Full-HD (1080p) configuration.

Apple TV

Apple TV takes a step beyond just being a streaming device, but also a companion device to iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to mirror their screens to their monitors. Apple TV includes a voice remote that gives users the ability to utilize Siri to control Apple TV’s functions. If you purchase an Apple TV, you get a year free of Apple’s subscription service, Apple TV+. Apple TV comes in a 4K configuration, as well as a Full-HD(1080p) configuration.

Xbox One

Gaming consoles over the years have touted themselves to be full-entertainment systems. The Xbox One allows users to stream their content, but also play 4K Blu-ray movies. The Xbox One comes in three configurations; Xbox One S All-Digital Edition (does not play discs), Xbox One S, and Xbox One X.

Streaming Services that Can Replace your Cable

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV is the ultimate cable cutting streaming services out there. Hulu features a wide range of TV shows and movies for consumers. Hulu + Live TV is simply a cable service for half the price, plus it includes local channels. With Hulu+ Live TV, users get not only Hulu Live services but also their standard on-demand streaming services.

Hulu + Live TV allows for customized add-ons, such as Starz, HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime. Users can watch up to screens at the same time with Hulu Live’s standard package, but it is upgradable to unlimited screens. Hulu + Live TV features Enhanced Cloud DVR, giving users access to their recorded shows anywhere.

Hulu + Live TV starts at $54.99/month for 60+ channels.

Youtube TV

YouTube TV is the only streaming service with unlimited DVR and rightfully so one of the most cost-effective services out there. The services are available to the majority of households in the US.

Users of YouTube TV also get six accounts per household. Youtube TV is simply one package for everyone. Furthermore, Youtube TV has all major networks, something that extends it past what other online streaming services are offering.

YouTube TV is $49.99/month, but if you pay for the service through Apple AppStore, it is 54.99/month.

Sling TV

The most budget-friendly service for cord-cutters, Sling TV, takes the approach of most cable companies by offering multiple packages for users. With two $30 packages and one package that is $45.

Sling TV also offers a la Carte deals that allow users to pick a group of channels to add to their package, which is a different approach than YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV. Furthermore, Sling TV has multiple premium TV add-ons such as Epix, Showtime, and Starz. However, to get local channels, Sling TV will send users a free tv antenna to access local content. Ten hours of cloud DVR is included with each package, to get more storage a monthly fee of $5/month.


Streaming is the now and future. If you do not want to be limited to viewing your shows at home, then streaming is the way to go. There are no contracts to sign, meaning you can cancel your service anytime. Furthermore, the idea of having a cable guy in your home is gone; you can set up your streaming device and service alone. All you need is good internet speeds and a streaming device that benefits your lifestyle.

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